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February is the month to spread love. This is also the month that we  honor famous African Americans. Academically we have made some great strides, but we still have a lot of work to do. Everybody at IES will be required to work extra hard in our efforts to maintain our current SUCCESSFUL accountability status.  Our goal for this  year is to obtain a 395 which will hold us solid at a “B”. 

Parents, I can’t stress how important your role is in helping us get that magic number. I want to encourage you to talk with your children about their behavior. Remind them each day to be focused at school and work hard as we echo the same daily. Take a moment to ask them what they did at school each day and talk with them about doing their best on school assignments and assessments. 

It is very important that our students attend school every day. They cannot learn at home. Please help us by ensuring that your child is present and on time each day.

Students need to arrive at school each day at 7:20am. Classes begin at 7:25. If they are late, they miss important instruction as well cause distractions by walking in the middle of a lesson being taught. 

School dismisses at 3:15 pm each day.  Parents, please do not pick children up before 3:20pm. It is our goal for students to get a full day of learning daily. 

 Educationally Yours, Brenda Singleton 

 Academic Coach’s Corner - IES is Harvesting Academia

February is the month to show love and kindness - love to our family,  love to our friends, love to our students, and most of all love to ourselves.

I admonish the teachers and staff of Inverness Elementary School to take time this month to show love to yourselves. Spend time doing that which warms your heart– whether spending time with the family, getting a spa treatment, going shopping or out to dinner, binge watching your favorite show or going to the movies.

Once you have rejuvenated yourselves; then, spread the love to your students through your actions and deeds, through your firmness and fairness, through your teaching and assessing.

In a few weeks, students will take the 3rd nine weeks exam and, shortly thereafter, students will be taking the state assessment. Let’s keep ourselves and our students motivated and continue to prepare for our future today. Remember February 12-18 is Random Acts of Kindness Week!

Mrs. Julia Harrington, Academic Coach 

Counselor’s Corner

Parent-teacher conferences can be helpful and informative. Try the tips below and get the most out of these important meetings. Always Prepare: Have some questions ready, for example, “How’s my child’s attitude in class”? Let the teacher know about your child’s strengths, needs, study habits and hobbies. Be Positive: Showing the teacher you appreciate his efforts helps build a strong working relationship. Talk about a project your child enjoyed, or comment on the bullentin board display at work.

Check Back: Work with your child on areas that needs help. After a few weeks, check on his progress by calling the teacher or writing a note. 

If you have any concerns regarding your child or would like me to meet with them, please contact me. I can be reached by email at or by phone at 662-265-0011.

Mrs. Naomi Fant, Counselor 

Parent Liaison's Corner - SchoolYear Reminders

If your child/children has a chronic illness, get a chronic illness statement from their doctor. If your child/children has asthma, please get an asthma action plan from their school and have their doctor or doctors complete it. Try to schedule doctor or dentist appointments after school.  Please submit excuses for every absences. My hours of operation are: Monday and Tuesday 7:00am to 4:00p.m.  

Cold & Flu Season Medications

We do not dispense medications of any type (prescription, cough medicine, aspirin, etc.) without a parent’s signature.

In the interest of efficiency, physician’s signatures are not required when PRESCRIPTION medications are brought to school IN THE PRESCRIPTION CONTAINER with directions and a current date. The written instructions on the container must correspond with the instructions parents give to schools

We will still need to have a MEDICATION FORM filled out by the parent to retain on file for the school year. We will not accept any medication brought to the school in bags or any containers other than the original prescription bottle. CHILDREN ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BRING ANY MEDICATIONS TO SCHOOL WITH THEM. PARENTS MUST BRING ANY MEDICATION (EVEN OVER THE COUNTER MED) TO THE OFFICE.

BeverlyGilmore,Parent Community Liaison 

3rd Grade Reading Assessment - 2018 → Click here for pdf.file 



Pre-K /School Supply List

School Events
•  Black History Program @ 9:30 A.M.
•  Coupon Workshop @ 6:00 P. M.
•  Learning Walk @ 9:00 A.M.
•  Couponing @ 6:00 A. M.