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Dear IES Families:

Even though the weather keeps changing on us and the leaves are falling with brilliant colors of orange, red and yellow to decorate our school grounds the academic process here at the IES is staying constant. The teachers and scholars have established their routines and procedures for class lessons.

November is an important time for us all to reflect on the many blessings bestowed upon us. I am certainly thankful for the many blessings in my life, including working with the amazing scholars, parents/caregivers, teachers, and support staff at the Inverness Elementary School.

This being our first year as a SUCCESSFUL B-Rated school  is exciting because I am thankful that I have 100% support from the educators that I lead. When you take on an endeavor like this you need to know that you have the support of your staff and they have taken a leap of faith with me that this is the right approach for our school and the community. Before I close, this is a wonderful time of year, but also very busy and so can be stressful. As the adults scurry around preparing for the excitement of the holidays, children can also feel the stress and exhaustion brought on by this busyness. Please continue to support your child in his/her school success by ensuring a bed time is maintained at a reasonable hour. Adequate sleep supports learning, brain development, concentration, and mood and so directly affects children’s success at school!

 Educationally Yours, Brenda Singleton

 Academic Coach’s Corner - IES is Harvesting Academia

As we enter the Fall Season, we have completed the first test of performance for the 2018-2019 school year. With the results that we will receive in the coming weeks, teachers at IES have equipped themselves to lead our students to the next dimension. Teachers have willingly accepted the challenge to conduct after school tutorials for those students who need additional instruction, ELA and Math Intervention classes have been adjusted according to the needs of the students, and teachers and students are strategically analyzing data in on data through data meetings and data talks.  IES is on the move remain proficient in all aspects of the state assessments. Go Hawks!

Mrs. Julia Harrington, Academic Coach


Counselor’s Corner

Each month we will have a different character education theme. The month of October the theme is responsibility. Being responsible is a learned behavior! It takes time to teach responsibility and it requires time to learn. With practice and clear expectations, you can teach your child to become a responsible learner. Talk to your child’s teacher to alert him or her about any changes that may impact your child at school. The teacher can also alert you to anything that may be happening with your child! Students can request to meet with me or they can be referred by a teacher, administrator, or parent. If you have any concerns regarding your child or would like me to meet with them, please contact me. I can be reached by email at or by phone at 662-265-0011.



Parent Liaison's Corner - SchoolYear Reminders

If your child/children has a chronic illness, get a chronic illness statement from their doctor. If your child/children has asthma, please get an asthma action plan from their school and have their doctor or doctors complete it. Try to schedule doctor or dentist appointments after school.  Please submit excuses for every absences.

My hours of operation are: Monday and Tuesday 7:00am to 4:00p.m.


BeverlyGilmore,Parent Community Liaison


3rd Grade Reading Assessment - 2018 → Click here for pdf.file 



Pre-K /School Supply List