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Ms.  Brenda  Singleton
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Principal's Corner

Principal’s Message

October has arrived quickly! The leaves have started to change from the bright green of summer to the red, gold, and  yellow of fall. With the change in season, we begin to transition into the third month of school. Over the past nine weeks the administrative team at IES has visited classrooms daily. In most of cases teachers and students were engaged in the lessons and working to teach and learn what is required. However, moving forward, the expectations for teaching and student engagement will be higher. I am asking that you (parents) join us here at IES for one common goal which is student success in all areas. We are aiming to grow ALL students academically and socially. There is absolutely no time to waste on discipline issues. Please encourage your children to be on their best behavior at all times and focus on what is important and that is learning.

IES will be really busy this month. First, we will host grade level parent meeting to inform parents of state, district, and school mandates with regards to the expectations for students learning. Please see dates on this newsletter. Secondly, our first official fundraiser will kick off. We will honor breast cancer survivors and red ribbon week. Basketball season will begin. More importantly, the first report card will be ready for parents to pick up on October 18th. This nine-week report simply marks our first opportunity to officially communicate academic performance to students. Thanks for all of your support and I solicit your continued support.


Educationally Yours, Brenda Singleton